Blue Medical has 15 years experience producing high quality balloon catheters and coronary stent systems.

balloon blowing, folding and wrapping

Blue Medical has multiple balloon blowing, folding and wrapping production lines that produce the balloons used in all Blue Medical products


Blue Medical has over 1,000 m2 of medial grade clean rooms for assembly of its medical products. All Blue Medical products are assembled in-house.


Blue Medical has custom designed and automated UV curing stations for the primers and coatings on its balloon catheters 

stent crimping

All stents used on Blue Medical stent systems are crimped onto the balloons at in-house stent crimping machines


In Blue Medical’s packaging department all Blue Medical products are pouched, sealed, labeled and boxed for sterilization and subsequent shipment to customers.

operations control

Blue Medical’s proprietary production monitoring system provides real time production information at various stages in the production process.